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Employ Our Graduates Looking for skilled professionals to fill positions at your company? Anthem Education has well-trained graduates ready to go to work!

Graduates from Anthem Education schools and colleges have learned the specific skills that employers tell us they want to see in their employees. Our programs focus on healthcare, technology and business skills in areas like dental assisting, x-ray, pharmacy, allied health, nursing, massage, cosmetology, HVAC, veterinary technology, computer networking & security, web and graphic design, accounting and paralegal.

But our graduates are more than just qualified—they’re enthusiastic, hard-working individuals who are committed to making a real difference.

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  • Supportive classroom environment
  • Custom training labs
  • Direct learning on the same software and tools used by professionals in the field

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  • "Anthem wants you to succeed and learn as much as you can. I was prepared in every way to start a career as a Pharmacy Technician. With the knowledge and information I got from Anthem, I could have gone into any area of pharmacy and been totally comfortable."

    - Yvonne H., Anthem College-Beaverton, 2012

  • "Anthem College taught me everything I needed to know for my job. The teachers were willing to help whenever I needed it and pushed me to do my best at all times. I felt like I was with a family!"

    - Kyle H., Anthem College-Maryland Heights, 2011

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